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Life is Better
With a Cat from Feline Good!

Feline Good Cat Rescue Serves the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Started in April 2023, Feline Good, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 cat rescue formed by a collective group of volunteers with over 50 combined years of animal rescue experience. We are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming cats in need in the Lehigh Valley, PA.

Feline Good will provide a safe and nurturing environment for cats, educate the public on responsible pet ownership, promote spaying and neutering, and advocate for animal welfare in the community. The goal of the organization is to improve the lives of cats and reduce the number of homeless and abandoned cats in Pennsylvania through adoptions and TNR.

Starting with foster homes in 2023, we have begun a capital fundraising campaign to purchase a shelter. A building allows us to be open to the public and offer services beyond the confines of events and pet stores.

We are fully volunteer - meaning no employees draw a paycheck on our funds. We are 100% donation funded by the public. All donations go solely to caring for the cats.

It's simple with Feline Good - cats come first. Always.

Life is better with a cat. Adopt today.

Intake Notice

We are a super small rescue working on TNR and adoptions with specific colonies and partnering with other rescues. We do not take owner surrenders. Please check with your local government to see what services they offer. 

Foster Homes Needed!

We are looking for loving homes where our kittens and cats can live their best life while waiting for their forever homes. They must be kept separated from other pets. As we grow our rescue, we need your support more than ever. Apply online to foster today, and learn how you can help save more cats!

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